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About Barn 342

“Ride the horse in the direction that it’s going.” – Werner Erhard

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What started as a little girl’s afternoon activity quickly turned into a lifelong passion. When Jessica was just five years old, she told her mom she wanted to ride horses. Her mom opened up the phone book to find a barn and from her first lesson, Jessica was hooked; there was no going back.

Jessica has ridden and trained a variety of different breeds and disciplines, though her loyalties lie with the Arabian horse. Through the years, her mother and her have owned 12 Arabians and 1 Half Arab. Her passion ran deep, up early before school to feed the horses, in the barn until long after dark cleaning and riding.

Jessica began her show career when she was about seven years old. She has spent her life figuring out how to create an athlete out of an animal and ribbons have been earned through blood, sweat, and tears (literally.) Her dedication and hard work over the past several decades have brought her a show career that includes many titles including multiple regional championships, World Champion, National Top Ten, and Reserve National Champion.

Jessica has dedicated her life to learning about horses. She has worked for over 15 years in national level show barns, learning from the very best in the industry about a variety of disciplines, handling and training, and general good horsemanship. She has been teaching people to ride for nearly ten years, working with children and adults, new equestrians and seasoned riders alike. Every human-horse relationship is unique and seeing that bond grow into something is an amazing experience.

Jessica’s knowledge and know-how have been acquired through a hand’s on approach. She knows the ins and outs and feels that this life, the responsibilities, dedication, and loyalties of living a “cowgirl’s life” creates a strong and independent person, one that can appreciate simplicity and understand the power of an animal’s impact on a person’s life.

For Jessica, Barn 342 is the realization of a dream based on living her life enjoying her passion and working as hard as possible to achieve her goals. However, none of this would be possible without Jessica’s mother, her biggest champion and supporter. Jessica’s equestrian career has been a team effort, to say the least, which would not have been possible without her partner, her mom.

Barn342, established in 2017, was created to fulfill a little girl’s lifelong dream. It is named after and in honor of her late brother who truly believed in her abilities, talent, and goals. He had unwavering faith that she would accomplish great things… stay tuned!

All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he’ll listen to me any day.


Horses teach you a lot. Very little of it actually has to do with horses.

Anthony Lothian

Learn this well… the last ride is never the last ride and the end is not the end.

Richard Rowland

Barn 342

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